We work with leading artists, designers and athletes to invent the future of our city's creative urban subculture. Our roots go deep in the UK's free running scene and we are believers in the ability of this artform to enable people to experience the beauty of the city in new and more inspiring ways


Drawing on references to the creative urban subcultures that we represent, and using our signature obsession with optical effects, geometry, typography and illusion to uplift and move culture forward


Our designs are screen printed in London where we oversee the quality and make sure our customers receive top quality product that reflects our artworks as faithfully as possible

The ICONOCLAST manifesto

"If you don't stand for something you'll fall for anything"

Malcolm X

Being an Iconoclast and embarking on your own IconoQuest is about embracing your environment. Knowing where you are from. At the same time, having a strong sense of purpose, direction and ambition to get you to where you're headed. We are from London. One of the greatest, most cosmopolitan cities on the planet, home to some of the most creative and gifted people today and from generations past. The city never sleeps, its soul and its heartbeat are the energy of the creative culture that draws on the city's legacy and continues moving forward, inspired by its best creative spirits.

The Iconoclast commits to being part of that story. In some small, meaningful way, pushing the boundaries of creative and athletic achievement in ways inspired by the richness of the concrete jungle that we call home. Rejecting the limiting beliefs and social conventions that prevented others from achieving their dreams.

Iconoclast is building a movement, consisting of the most creative and athletic talents in the city. We commit to inspiring the world in the best way that we can through our best creative and athletic endeavours. Join us on this journey and become part of the legacy.

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